Fereidoun Adamiat

Iranian Researchers: Historian

Fereidoun Adamiat
Born in 1920, Tehran, Iran
Darolfonoun School (graduated 1939)
Law and Political Science Faculty (1939-1942)
Thesis: Political Life of Amir Kabir

1940 Commenced with Foreign Ministry, when he was a university student 
1944 Officer of Iran Embassy in London
London School of Economic and Political Science (1944-1949):
Doctor of Philosophy in Faculty of Arts
1944 He published his thesis.
1949 Returned to Iran, Foreign Ministry, Law Office
1951 Representative of Iran Government in United Nations
1955 Published "Research on the History of International Law and Diplomacy", New York
Cooperated in some Asian and African conferences
1959 International Jury in "Hague" (1959-1980)
1960 Returned to Iran, Foreign Ministry, Ambassador
1961 Ambassador of Iran in Holland
1963 Ambassador of Iran in India
1965 Political High Consultant
He finished his political activities and started to publish his thoughts.
1944 Iran and Amir Kabir or a page of Iran's history 
1955 Bahrain Islands
1961 Democracy thought and Constitutional Movement Introduction
1967 Thoughts of Mirza Aqa Khan Kermani
1967 Iran and Amir Kabir
1970 Thoughts of Mirza Fathali Akhoundzadeh
1972 Progress Thought and law government of Sepahsalar period
1973 Historical Essays
1976 Constitution Ideology
1977 Economical, political and social thoughts in non-published works of Qajar period
1981 Agitation in historical thoughts
Revolt to Regis Contract
1984 Social Democracy thought in Constitutional Movement Introduction
Thoughts of Talebof Tabrizi
1996 History of Thought
1956 A historical letter (to Mirza Aqa Khan Nouri)
1965 Talebof thoughts
Thoughts contact and parliamentary perfection
Qaem Maqam's Fortune
1966 Three written of Mirza Fathali, 3 written and 100 speeches
1967 Decline of Historicization in Iran
1973 New Documents of Amir Kabir
Mohammad Shah's Order in Embassy
Two law bills in Ministers meeting and Senate
Suggestion of Iran and UK contract for returning Herat to Iran
Escape of Hajj from Government
New documents and acknowledges of Amir Kabir
1977 Politic in advice-written
1980 Ideas and thoughts of Sheikh Fazlolah Nouri

Ali Dehbashi had a special volume of "Kelk" (Pen) magazine in the memory of Fereidoun Adamiat's:
No. 94, January 1998, 282 pages



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