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A Trip to Hamburg

Daianaz Gharibani

Iran, 2017

Although in any journey visiting a city might be more attractive than watching a photo of that place, but human memory in recalling won’t always help. A picture can register a moment of an event or a composition of a frozen time that reminds the photographer of what caused them to press the shutter’s button and for the viewer to encourage the feelings of a hidden and personal memory.

Just like passing by an alley that we crossed long time ago, the smell and sounds of the past would call upon us; by looking at a picture all or part of its elements will cross our eyes just like a movie.

Each photo of "A Trip to Hamburg" collection is just a reminder that I’ve been there, seen all that beauty, heard the birds, the sound of town’s music and of course the unpredictable weather with clouds running away... But for the viewers, the photograph would be the end result of the photographer’s point of view and the framing of the subject. My intention of exhibiting this collection is to share some beauties with others.

Those Photos are taken in Arensburg and Hamburg in Germany. Ahrensburg is a town at the northwest of the country. It is known for its 16th-Century "White Castle" (medieval), which has become a museum now. The castle is surrounded by vast green fields, a mill, a church and a stable.