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Niagara Falls: Fear & Flying

Leyla Mohammadi

Canada, 2017

Niagara Falls is located at the border of Canada and USA. From the American side, it is a completely different experience of the Canadian view. On the American side you experience a beautiful park. On the Canadian side you experience a vibrant touristy city. Each has unique views of the falls that you can't experience from the other side. The amount of water, the colors it creates into rainbows even on cloudy days. An experience not to be missed!

I never noticed that I have a fear of heights, since first time I stepped on the platform. I felt I'd have a heart attack. So now we come to the helicopter ride....I just don't know if I can do it. Between fear of flying and fear of heights, it's like a bad dream to me. But I put myself in challenge with my fear. These are the issues that I faced in aerial photography.

When I loaded all the images on my computer, I was very surprised to find how some of my images were blurry. I’ve not shot enough photos. To have more photos, I was supposed shoot more details of far sceneries.

If you have ever tried to shoot through a window, you probably already know that the three main factors of risk are: stains, reflections and unfocused images. There is nothing worse than a beautiful landscape spoiled by a stain in the middle of the picture or an unfocused picture.

To avoid reflection in the glass, just follow the usual advice: use a UV filter, avoid wearing bright clothes, and get as close as possible to the window.

I hope to have more chances to aerial photography to use my experiences.