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Translated to English by “Nafiseh Tabari”

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No Chance!

Aboozar-Reza Vanaki

Iran, 2006

When a photographer decides to shoot an extraordinary exceptional photo, his/her mind would lead him/her to the appropriate situation. How he/she finds himself/herself there is completely related to his wish; however, people often relate it to the chance! But I, not ignoring the high value of photographer's knowledge and experience, do not believe in chance at all! I think that knowledge and experience are just as an entrance ticket to the wonderful world of image recording.

Furthermore, our world is completely about transformation of matter to energy and vice versa; the transformation that is rooted in our dreams, whatever they are. When we step forward with confidence, trust and hope, our dreams come to us as if they were already there! So in such a reasonable Universe where we live in, how could one believe in existence of chance, even in photography!