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Philosophy of Photography

Farhad Azizi

Iran, 2009

Human beings are social and could improve themselves into social life, of course not like some wild animals. Exactly, at this point I should say: “Photography is not just Art, but a need for social life improvement”. Through this medium we obtain a very strong opportunity and that is “Judgment”, no matter it is a photo of fish, cat, flower, man and woman or anything else. All of them let us see, pause and then think, about bad and good, and why they are bad or good. Thanks to photography, this “Why” is thinking!

Exactly, at this stage the “Critic” comes to exist. Even though the “Critic” is very important, it should not be done by a specialist. Many of the framed and hanged on the walls of the rooms in houses do not have accredited note as an art work by a specialist, but they have given a kind of sense to a person to appreciate and then pay for it. This is the philosophy beyond said picture.

Photograph, by itself and even separate from photographer’s taught, could establish a relationship between itself and owner, buyer or, who look at it even in the other part of the world. The relationship could be logical, sensational or both. At this point, we do not think of good or bad, as we have a mutual social understanding. Viewers may like, dislike, or even hate a Photograph, but it is not important anymore. What is important the creation of the relation between “Photograph” and the “Viewer”. This relation becomes stronger, when the viewer stops much to visit the Photo, which shows the depth of social philosophy beyond the photo.

Sometimes it seems artistic photography is loosing chair to the art of photography. Why? Because, as I said before, Photography as a strong social medium helps human being all around the world to have better understanding of each other. From the first days, Photography has a kind of social philosophy, which has become stronger everyday.