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Tilt & Shift in PhotoShop

Raheleh ZomorrodiNia

Iran, 2007

In architectural photography having parallel vertical lines and correct horizon line is very important.

This happens especially in 35mm camera. But using tilts and shifts in large format, and sometimes, medium format such as flex body or PC lens, which is designed for architectural purpose, avoiding crooked horizon or vertical lines.

These days by using computer soft wares can do the lens correction. Grid helps you have straight lines. First open Photoshop CS2 and go to filter menu then distort and choose “Lens Correction” there are some functions in this window. Here you can see the grid on your picture by clicking and drag on picture towards vertical or horizontal lines you make it straight.

In some lenses (especially wide angles or the one which don’t have good quality) you may have darkened corners. You can move vignette sliders to right in order to make corners lighten.

Sometimes in wide shots you may have distortion, it is seen in a wide-angle landscape, which horizon line is clean. Remove distortion is your choice.