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How to create your little planet in Photoshop?

Leyla Mohammadi

Canada, 2016

I’m going to give you an instruction to make your planet step by step in Photoshop.

So first of all you need to have a photo with very straight horizon and a few objects like building or trees.

The right end and the left end are going to connect to each other so we need to have a pretty straight to have a quiet circle.

When you choose your image, go to image size and take the dimension which is less than the others and make height and width exactly the same.

Step 1)

Then go to dit – Transform – Flip Vertical - now sky is on the bottom and the objects on the top.

Go to Distort – Polar ordnance then press OK.

Now your tiny planet is effect here with round sky around the photo

But there is always have some note to see one perfect photo; first crop the edges to have perfect round and circle

Step 2)

Then to smooth the line on the center select the line and them make a right click – choose Feather 5-10 pixels

Then go to filter _ Blur _motion and angle of zero.

Step 3)

Now flip the image back over(flip vertical back)

If you want really ride off that and to have perfect circle and cemetery you can copy one side and copy to other side it doesn’t look good, I tried but I didn’t get the good result.