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Photography as a Meditation

Farzad Emami

Iran, 2010

Nowadays photography is not like a job to me, an entertainment and even an art.
I escape from city and the urban to nature. I do not fear of snakes, scorpions and wolves. Because they do not say lie and just fill their stomach not much more. I look around the world not from the point of view of so called the superior of the creatures. For, if there have been any superior, it was not only our known human.

With this machine which does not make a hole in Ozone layer, I pace into jungle, desert and highlands. I have found that I will never enjoy something around, unless my pace is along with respect to all creatures. For taking a photograph we should not break a branch or annoy animal anyway.

In silence and calmness, I link to the world around freely like a breeze among the trees; a metaphysical linkage. I know this kind of approach as metaphysical photography.

Since 20 years ago I have been taking photos. I have tried various branches of photographing. I have worked on two collections more, including Fruits and Trunks. I have studied new forms and taboo conceptions within. Hopefully someday to show them up freely I go on and on.