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Elaine Hunter

Canada, 2015

Elaine has been an avid photo enthusiast for over 40 years. She enjoys the inspiration and challenge of nature artistic images, whether created with the camera or with software. With her camera and computer software she creates impressionistic images of a world (or NATURE) often overlooked by the casual observer. 

She is a dance teacher and choreographer as well as a photographer, and has captured dancers with a camera for many years. Elaine seems to have transferred the choreography of dance to that of choreographing nature. She likes to make nature dance.

Reflections are an important part of the drama that she creates; they magnify the beauty of the scene. A lot of her photographs are full of light and shadow, Elaine loves to work with these elements, she can change the mood of an image using bright light, dark shadows and reflections.

As she grows and her work develops, she is learning new techniques to manipulate her images and to produce the exact feeling that she wishes to convey. She begins with reality and reveals the mystery. Sometimes the final image appears from the feeling that she had when the photograph was taken – one of peace while enjoying the gentle ocean waves or the anger and rage of a storm.

Elaine is excited when she finds new ways to show the viewer the beauty of nature. She hopes that it uplifts them and she wants to support them on their journey through life. Elaine feels that she is revealing the soul of nature.