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Translated to English by "Rita Sepehr".

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Golden Fall

Leyla Mohammadi

Canada, 2016

Watching the beauty of trees and their colourful leaves dazzle me, that I forget, why I came with the camera and photography equipment to the nature.

Sometimes, prancing spirited autumn bride boggles my mind enough that I unlearn to press the button of the camera to record its dancing in the nature.
As soon as I start to photograph the image of autumn colors, reflected in the lake, the sudden wild wind frets the lake.

Ah, my eyes are wide with such amazement and what I have to shoot is the beautiful incoherent images of colorful trees created on the lake.

So, I look for a so-called ideal day that is calm and sunny and the autumn wind is absent on.
These pictures illustrate Tokyo autumn and Toronto autumn. Indeed, in Tokyo, the pictures have been taken on a sunny day, in the absence of the autumn wind, while the pictures of Toronto did not experience this absence.

However, autumn in Toronto also has its beauty even if the wind is present mostly.