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Shirin Madani

Tehran, Iran, 2007

Surrealism is an unconscious and absolute psychological movement, beyond realism, attempting to verbally or nonverbally express thought when no deterrent element exists. In other words, it is an imposing thought expressed in the absence of mind's deterrent element without any aesthetic or behavioral presuppositions within philosophical area. Surrealism is the basis of believing in the existence of some forms inspired by unknown things and the solitary ability of imagination as well as mind's unintended activity in something beyond reality. This style causes lasting destruction of other psychological mechanisms and replaced them through solving main problems in life.

Surreal moment is when an artist is inspired. All controversies, contradictions, dreams and realities are intermixed in such a moment then created as an image. Supposedly, there is a particular moment when, afterwards, mind does not consider life and death, past and future, short and long, night and day, reality and imagination and said and unsaid as well as contradictions. What matters most is isolation and individuality, which create the central core of such a movement. The artist unconsciously visualizes his imaginations and wishes in surreal moment while achieving a profound perception beyond reality. Every artist attempts to be propounded as an individual through this style. Then he attempts to create the most magical sceneries of his imagination in order to prepare an environment to reply his own internal needs while benefiting from his unconscious world of imagination. When his mind captures a vision, he demonstrates his vision free of boundaries through a profound perception. The demonstration can include painting, sculpture and photography containing his emphasized beliefs, desires, wishes, dreams and etc.

In fact, such an attempting expresses his unique and at the same time introvert imagination; therefore, this style has been counted among the most significant movements of the century as one of the everlasting isms within the world of art. Surrealists' achievements are observable in Many aspects of our life as metaphysical thoughts and attention towards humans' inner emotions, propounded by surrealists, exist in various forms within cultures of different countries.
Invention of photo camera caused a competition between artist's eyes and hands with lens and diaphragm in late nineteenth century. Gradually, photo camera and later video camera replaced artists who recorded narrations, events and faces as well.

Artist is lead towards new trends through improvement of camera, as a modern branch of art, and application of computer graphic programs; in other words, artist's goal has been altered. Posing familiar and strange subjects beside each other, photographer creates a mysterious and imaginary world, like a scene of a dream, by distorting ordinary occasions and combining hidden relations while touching semi-sleeping world concealed inside our soul.
Through surrealism, artist is able to merge his imaginations by applying photo camera and computer programs while posing natural and unnatural elements and real and unreal subjects beside each other as well in order to create astonishing images. He is able to provide an environment in order to reply his inner needs by benefiting the world of imagination and unconsciousness.

This ism has had a particular position in the area of art due to its identity, philosophy and rich containing. There are few philosophies comparable to surrealism for it is a part of human's life; it is not an issue to new to get old-fashioned. Human beings communicate and live with thoughts, dreams and metaphysic world; in fact, "artist is like a bridge between reality and fantasy".

Impression of surrealists' unrealistic imaginations has caused the creation of ultra-beautiful photos either black and white or colored based on their subject. There is a variety of subjects which can be pleasant, beautiful, dark or painful as well.
Such photographers look for a perception and sense in their belief; these photos can lead the viewer towards a profound peace or insanity; the subsequent peace is an issue worthy of discussion and research.

Photography appears as a free and unlimited and at the same time artistic area to me which can not be bounded within the frame of any laws for my artistic spirit does not conform to any laws. I am among those who have found the "hidden conscience" theory as a new supporter in order to break the customary artistic styles and subsequently to create innovative and new works of art. My world of photography is beyond ordinary and routine life-style. Breaking the boundaries between reality and imagination, as a method to express my feelings and ideas, I am able to fly freely and form my favorite conceptions. Taking advantage of a real element in an unreal space or montage of several photos, taken in different locations and occasions, I create an image impossible to happen in real world, but seemed too real and vivid to be mistaken, even by myself, as real ones. What matters to me most are the thought, innovation and creativity beyond them so the viewer can not take them granted?

I try to give a metaphysical and new concept to my photos, which are color photos, by using computer programs and montage. I am too far away of black and white world for I knew and recognized colors within affection, ups and downs, friendship, grief, joy and etc. so my world of photography is a colorful world, too. Blue is always the dominant tone. Colors appear to me as love and life; black and white are not neutral beside each other. Human is the most important element in my photos for he is present everywhere, but his presence is not limited to time and place; he only exists. Sometimes, I start the job without any presuppositions. When the viewer sees the photo, all my feelings and emotions are tangible for him.

My world is a different world; I see world differently; I create an event as I like it to be. I don't see world logically but by my heart. My photos are sometimes peaceful and bright and sometimes painful and horrible. These photos are created by different aspects of my soul and feeling so the viewer has to contemplate about them whether he has perceived the idea or not. I endeavor for the viewer not to pass by them easily; I wish, from bottom of my heart, the viewer unconsciously gets involved with my photos.

There are no boundaries for art; it is not possible to imprison art by a predetermined sentence of laws for an artist should be able to express his thoughts and desires freely by anything or any possible method. The artist can get dynamic and flourished in such a freedom whereas art will be harmed by platitude and passiveness in case of being bounded by laws and formulas. Photo cameras used to be applied in order to record the moments. Through modern improvements, artists can create images to astonish the viewers by digital cameras. Now, artist can freely choose the subject and create beautiful photos through a method conformed to his inner thoughts and emotions.