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Digital Filing

Masoud Soheili

Canada, 2006

In digital World everything is easy; Filing is easier than film. You need an external hard as storage for your files (photos), so any crash to your computer doesn’t harm your photos too. Today, you can buy 80/120/250/ 360/500/1000 mb external hard disks at low prices.

First make some 100 mb (max) partitions; it makes scanning easier and faster as well as another big partition of your works. Try to use it as photo storage; if you’re going to store another files, use another partition.

Then, make some folders and rename them to your subjects of photography as: Nature, Portrait, People, Family Portrait, Family, Birthdays, Industry, Countries, Cities, Advertising, Flowers, Trees, Animals, Cars, Scenery… These are your main list.

You can make some subfolders to determine more:
Animals: Insects, Fishes, Butterflies,
Spiders, Reptiles, Mammals…
Countries: Canada, USA, Mexico…
Cities: Paris, Lyon, Monaco, Niece…
(All could be separated under four continents too.)
Portrait: Artists, Craftsmen, Writers…
Each could have some subfolders too.

You can make subfolders due to the date of the photos. This is necessary for the films you’ve scanned, but digital photos don’t need, as each has a hidden date on it.

If you’ve time, you can rename any photo, so it could be found by a fast search on your computer. This could be the name, place, kind… of the photo, as “VancouverDowntown” or “JapaneseTreeQueenElizabethOttawa”.

Use short names! DO NOT use dashes, periods or pound signs, so each computer or operating system could find it easy; underscored spaces are fine.

That’s All!