Spain: Painters

Eusebio Sempre


Born in 1924, Omil (Alicante)

He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Valencia.
At an early age, shortly after leaving art school, he took his first steps in “abstraction”, at the time when practically nobody in Spain engaged in this kind of art. For this reason, he decided to leave for Paris, where he had to put up with the life that every neophyte in arts experiences there.

Yet he remained true to his vocation and what was more difficult, true to all his convections.

As a matter of fact, he found it difficult to accept responsibility for his convictions, since they were launched on the tracks of “abstract” investigation within the realm of formalism and geometrical reason at the time, when all visible paintings in Paris could be seen to have opted for non-formalism.

Semepre, who frequented studies of Arp, Vasarely and old Herbin, belonged to that minority of enlightened artists, who were waiting for the time to prove them right, as of course it did.

Sempere lived in Spain in 1970s, where he created geometrical poetry for which he is well known.

He has held exhibitions in many parts of Europe and America, and also lived for a while in New York.

Spain: Painters

Spain: Painting

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