Spain: Painters

Antonio Saura


Born in 1930, Huesca

He studied spontaneously of his own.

Although Saura was in 1970s a radical expressionist surrealist, played a decisive role in his early days as a painter. His imagination afire with echoes of the greater movement reaching Spain.

He went to Paris while still young. During those trying years as a beginner in Paris, he came into direct contact with many who were still practicing discipline of surrealism.

He knew Breton and became an ardent attendant at his gatherings.

In fact, Saura was one of the first artists who realized that this movement with its promotion of spontaneous creation would have as its local outcome a style that would surpass it: Non-Formalism.

Saura who have set out the way of direct and automatic creation, made acquaintance of non-formalism, in which movement he became a militant member.

This was about the time when “El Paso” aimed to eclecticism, but it was actually tightly closed to orthodoxy and supporters of non-formalism.

However, pro-surrealist Saura had too many personal ties with painting based on reasoning for him to be able to continue as an “abstract”. This explains why it was not long before all he had left on non-formalism was the external mechanism of creation, although he later recuperated the reasoning.

As a result he became an expressionist. He was awarded one of the great “Carnegie” Awards of Pittsburgh.


Spain: Painters

Spain: Painting

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