Shakir Ali


Born in 1922, Pakistan
Shakir Ali has spent 12 years, 7 years in Bombay and 5 in London to learn classic and modern art. He came back to Pakistan in 1952.

Art for Shakir is a meant of expressing his own lonely personality. It is devoid of sensuousness and sentimentality, and possesses the distilled quality of brooding in in solitude on subjects from life, which only provide point of departure into the realm of line, tone values and color. His approach to his craft is essentially of virtuoso.

He treats line solely as a matter of Measure, short or long, of angles, obtuse or acute. He uses tone values or chiaroscuro as Weight and color as Quality. He uses these three formal elements in the construction of new order and creates image, which we call the subject.

In the work of such artist, the appearance of recognizable object is cause for confusion among the viewers. Every object from organic world has whole range of associate properties, which exist for viewers, but may or may not be present in the mind of artist, when he is painting it. His aim appears to be to construct symphony in line, tone values and color, and open now perspective in the dimension of meaning.

Shakir, in 1956, is held in high esteem, as an artist. His background, together with long time at National College of Arts, first as Head of Art Department and later as Principal, deservedly earn him a position of reverence. He has reached the stage, where he runs the risk of being praised, without being really understood or appreciated. 




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