Iran Darroudi

Iran Darroudi, Surrealist
1936 Born in Meshed, Iran
School and High school: Iran
Beaux-Arts, Paris: Art
Ecole de Louvre: History of Art
Royal Academy of Brussels: Stain Glass
R.C.A. Institute, New York: TV Direction and Production
Member of "International Congress of Art, Artists, Studies of Art", Rimini, Verucchio, S. Marino, Italy, since 1964

to 1972, produced and directed 900 minutes documentary films for TV on Art recognition; also produced and directed 55 minutes documentary film "Venice Biennale 1968".
Honorary guest professor in "Ariamehr University of Technology" on "History and Knowledge of Art".
Single Exhibitions
1959 Miami Beach Art Center, USA
1959 Columbia University, New York, USA
1960 Farhang Hall, Tehran, Iran
1960 Iran-America Society, Tehran, Iran
1964 Galleria Santa Maria Pizza, Milan, Italy
1965 Farhang Hall, Tehran, Iran
1969 Negar Gallery, Tehran, Iran
1970 Royal Hilton Hotel, Tehran, Iran
1972 Goethe Institute, Tehran, Shiraz, Abadan, Isfahan and Meshed, Iran
Group Exhibitions
1956 International Contest of Deauville, France
1957 Independent Painters, Paris
1957 Salon des Beaux-Arts, Paris
1958 Salon d'Automne, Paris
1959 Independent Painters, Paris
1960 Independent Painters, Paris
1963 Salon de Comparaison, Modern Art Museum, Paris
1963 Prize for a young foreign painter in France, Principal Museum of Modern Arts, Paris
1963 Women Painters Museum of Modern Art, Paris
1963 Salon des Beaux-Arts, Galliera Museum, Paris
1964 Women Painters Museum of Modern Art, Paris
1973 Women Painters Museum of Modern Art, Paris
Group Exhibitions with Iranian Painters
1963 Iranian Painters in Museum of Modern Art, Paris
1963 Ixelles Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Brussels
1964 Palace of Congress, Monaco
1964 Museum of Modern Art "Havre", France
1969 Columbia University, NY, USA
1979 Cyrus Gallery, Paris
The Passage

80x60 cm (32x24 in), April 1973
The Many Patterned High-Ceiling

100x80 cm (40x32 in), 1972


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