Hossein Behzad


Hossein Behzad

Iranian Painter
Hossein Behzad

Born in 1894, Tehran, Deceased in 1968

He was interested in Painting, when he was child. He was 8, when he started to work, and worked for himself, when he was 20. He married in 1918 with Azizeh and had only a son (Parviz).

1915 : Illustration of Nizami's Book (British Museum)
1918 : Travel to Tiflis to go to Europe to sell Illustrations of Nizami's Book(70 Days)
1935 : Travel to Paris that made an evaluation in his style(13 months)
1936 : Illustration of the Rubayat of Khayyam, which was shown in New York and Washington in 1957
1946 : Employment in Iran Bastan Museum
1948 : Employment in Fine Arts Museum
1946-1954 : Painted "Ferdowsi", "Madaen Arch", "Night of Qadr", "Hafiz"and "Oil" paintings. He had many different paintings during these years and changed the outlook of Persian Miniature.

1952: Fin Arts Museum
1954: Auditirium & Iran Bastan Museum in the Millennium & Avicenna
1956: Iran-America Society
1956: Iran-German Society
1957: Abadan
Mehregan Club : Several Exhibitions
Tehran University
The New Iran Bastan Museum

International Museums
1931: London
1933: Boston
1955: Modern Arts Museum, Paris
1956: Prague
1956: India
1956: Japan
1956: Library of Congress, Washington D.C.
1956: New York
1958: Brussels International Exhibitions

1. First class Medal of Ministry of Culture ,1949
2. Diploma for best painting in 15th Painting Olympiad, Helsinki,1952
3. Avicenna Medal of Iran Bastan Museum in honor of Behzad stand in the Millennium & Avicenna
4. Diploma of Honor from the Belgian International Exhibition, 1958
5. First class Medal of International Painting Contest in Miniapolis, USA, 1958, among 230 painters from 97 countries
6. First class Medal of Art from Fine Arts Department
7. Honorary Medal of Art by Faculty of Ornamental Arts in the last year of his life, 1968


Hossein Behzad

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