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Marcos Gregorian
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Marcos Gregorian

Armenian Iranian Artist

Marcos Gregorian

1888: Bagrat Gregorian and Shoushanik Mangoian (born in Kars, Armenia, 1888)

1918: Goharik M. Proulx, born in Kars, Armenia, during the year Armenia was proclaimed Independence
1920: Anderanik Grigorian, born in Kars, Armenia, grew up under horrors of the Armenian Massacre
1923: Family defects to Kropotkin, Russia
1925: Marcos Gregorian born December 5, 1925 Kropotkin, Russia
1930: Family moves to Tabriz, Iran. Mother dies from an unfortunate appendicitis accident. Father, a tailor of Russian military uniforms, switches to civilian tailoring, moves to Tehran, Iran.
1933: Marcos and Andranik attend Armenian school in Tehran.
1935: All minority schools close by order of Reza Shah, founder of Pahlavi Dynasty.

1936: Family moves to Abadan (an Iranian oil refinery town). Sister Goharik marries.
1937: Father remarries, moves to New Julfa, a 17th century Armenian town in Isfahan. Minority schools re-open. Marcos graduates from Kananian school of Julfa.
1940: Family moves back to Tehran. Marcos attends in "American College".
1943: During the Second World War, Marcos works for American military transport school, first student, later as instructor-interpreter. M.T.S., a military camp sending food and ammunition by convoy of trucks to Russia via Tabriz, West-northern city of Iran during that time, Soviet Union, resists war in the battle of Volga grad (later Stalin grad).

1945: Gregorian an all-around athlete. Champion in discus and second place in shut-put and triple jump Champion in weight lifting, lightweight category
1948: Drafted for military service. Starts painting in Kamalolmolk Art School, Tehran Exhibits in group shows.
1950: Resides in Rome. Enrolls Academy of Fine Arts, Rome, Italy. Studies with Professor Roberto Melli Graduates from Academy of Fine Arts, Rome, 1954


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