12th Annual Photo Contest, Vancouver, Canada, 2018

winner image

Second Winner

Kaveh Rasouli


House of Memories
Score: 22.5 (out of 30)

Jurors Scores Critiques
Ismail Farahani 8 It is a well seen subject and fairly composed image. The third window in the bottom with strong vertical bars can be taken out. Crop half way between bottom and the middle window.

“House of Memories” is a very personal title; something like “Nostalgia” probably suits the image better.
Carol How 7 Well designed and executed image. The maker seems to have had a preconception of why they chose to photograph this subject, which assists in the viewer’s interpretation. Great exposure, lovely tones and detail with an interesting take on an often photographed subject.
Henry Schnell 7.5 Good image with good tonal ranges. Placement of the openings is good. The exposed brickwork adds interest. The dirt on lower left hand is distracting and the grate work opening at the bottom interferes with the relationship between the balcony door and the window just below.
Total Score: 22.5


CPC Silver Medal Solo Virtual Photography Exhibition at Caroun Art Gallery (One Week), 2019 CPC Certificate

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