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"Caroun Photo Club" is going to hold the "12th CPC Annual Photography Salon 2018", at North Vancouver, Canada. This Competition is open to the individual photographers in Canada and worldwide (International), Professional and Amateur photographers!

Participants MUST be a member of Caroun Photo Club (CPC), and their membership should not be expired until January 2019. Photos will be judged by 3 jurors, selected by CPC, and the announcement will be final.

Guide for membership is available on CPC website at: Membership

CPC will have the right to publish photos anywhere in any form (magazines, bulletins, internet, slide show…), but the copyright remains for the photographer. A slide show will be made with these photos.

All the photos MUST have a “Title”. “No-Title” photos are not accepted. Photos of previous photo contests are not accepted too.

Each Photographer could send maximum 4 photos. Photos could not be changed.

Subject of the photo contest is “Photographic Art”, and the theme is almost OPEN. Photos including the following TOPICS are accepted:
Wildlife / Nature / Pictorial / Portrait / Architectural / Still Life / Abstract / Sport / Travel / Close-up…
Following subjects are not accepted: Religious / Political / Photojournalism / Family Photos

An exhibition of all the Photos will be held at “Caroun Art Gallery” in Vancouver, Canada. Participants should register for the gallery at the same time of taking part in the competition. A permanent virtual exhibition will be posted at CAG website.

All the participants, who did anything out of the rules, will be cancelled from the competition, without any notice, even if he/she is among winners, and the prize will goes to the next person. Fees are not refundable.

This announcement will have changes before the judgment, without any announcement. Participant could check it on CPC website themselves.

Photo Contest

Participants should send their printed works along with a digital file. Just 12"x16" (30x40 cm) or 12"x18" (30x45 cm). CAG could print and frame International participants' works on their own cost.

Deadline: August 30, 2018, Pacific time

The application of the competition should be filled out for each photo separately and fixed at the back of the photo by paper tape.
One "Artist’s Waiver Form" should be filled out for each photographer too.



First Winner:
- CAPA Gold Medal (Canadian Association for Photographic Art)
- CPC Certificate
- An individual virtual photography exhibition on Caroun Art Gallery's website for two weeks (12 works, one theme); application should be filled out by the winner and sent to CPC in November 2018. It is posted on CAG website..

Second Winner:
- CPC Silver Medal (Caroun Photo Club)
- CPC Certificate
- An individual virtual photography exhibition at Caroun Art Gallery's website for one week (10 works, one theme); application should be filled out by the winner and sent to CPC in November 2018. It is posted on CAG website..

Third Winner:
- CPC Bronze Medal
- CPC Certificate


Seven selected works belongs to 7 photographers will receive “CPC Honorable Mention”.

Prizes will be given to the winners and selected works after the exhibition.
Each participant could earn JUST one Prize!

Costs of the Competition:

Competition fee: $50
Gallery fee: $100
Cash, by cheque or PayPal
Canadian participants need to add GST (5%) too.


A group exhibitions of all photos will be held at Caroun Art Gallery, at North Vancouver, Canada, in December 2018. The application is posted on Website, and should be filled out and sent along with the photos.

CPC has no responsibility for the lost or damaged works. Participants in the exhibition could remove their works themselves at the last day of the exhibition, or send enough money along with their photos for the returning mailing costs. CPC will keep the photos just 10 days after the exhibition; there is no responsibility for CPC later.

You can contact by email: CPC2011 (at) Caroun (dot) com

Application form
Waiver Form

Mailing Address:
PO Box 37514
RPO Lonsdale East
North Vancouver, BC
Canada, V7M 3L7

You can send your works NOW!
Hope you win! First Prize!


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