11th Annual Photo Contest, Vancouver, Canada, 2017

winner image

Third Winner

Farhad Varasteh


Street Vendor
Score: 23 (out of 30)

Jurors Scores Critiques
Larry Breitkreutz 8 Excellent image of the street vendor surrounded by his product. Great composition by placing the man off to the right a bit, which is balanced by the red watermelons on the left.
The image would be stronger if there were a bit more light on his eyes under the rim of the hat. Use reflector or fill flash.
Allen Bargen 8 You captured the watermelon vendor in a happy moment. Or is he a customer in search of a sweet melon? The scene is exposed very well.

The man is looking not at the image maker but to his left, according to his eyes, yet that wide smile suggests he is quite happy to have his photo taken.
Richard Shapka 7 Excellent scene with great potential. Good exposure on face of man. Excellent colors with red and green but to make it work the exposure needs to be taken on the person, not the background.

Depth of field should be more shallow so the background does not stand out as much. This is separate the man from the background and make a better portrait.
Total Score: 23


CPC Bronze Medal CPC Certificate

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