11th Annual Photo Contest, Vancouver, Canada, 2017

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Second Winner

Saeid Momany


Incident News
Score: 24 (out of 30)

Jurors Scores Critiques
Larry Breitkreutz 8 Exposure is good. Image is sharp throughout. Nice composition with the men focused on the news. Image would be stronger if the whole of the back tire were included.
Allen Bargen 8 Great example of Street photography. These two men are engrossed in the paper, so much so they do not notice their photo being taken. We are not bothered by the crop of the back tire, or the incomplete sign, they are merely filler material to the image story.

Very well exposed and sharp. Street Photography need not be clean and tidy, it needs to be informative. Well done.
Richard Shapka 8 Very good street photograph with positive centre of interest, and good gesture.. Color of bike and red in storefront letters adds dynamic interest. There could be a story here.

Good focus, although depth of field could be more wide open to emphasize the two men.

They are positioned well in the frame. There appear to be dust spots, or an attempt to clean up spots in a number of areas (e.g. lower bike wheel) which are distracting. An easy fix in lightroom or photoshop.
Total Score: 24


CPC Silver Medal CPC Certificate

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