11th Annual Photo Contest, Vancouver, Canada, 2017

winner image

First Winner

Darianaz Gharibani


The Mill
Score: 24.5 (out of 30)

Jurors Scores Critiques
Larry Breitkreutz 9 Beautiful reflection. Excellent exposure and depth of field, image is nice and sharp throughout. The image might be strengthened with a bit of cropping to focus the eye more on the house and reflection.
Allen Bargen 8.5 This is quite an idyllic scene. The photo is well framed, with good emphasis on the reflection. An overcast sky has flattened the image somewhat.

The scene is divided essentially into two halves, consider removing some of the bottom non-essential water to lower the intersection of the two halves.
Richard Shapka 7 Interesting scenic image choice. Good exposure for a cloudy day but does not have much drama or add excitement. Good effort to capture reflection of building windows.

Composition works with the building, however with the car dividing the frame and cut by the tree, overall it becomes a problem for the viewer.
Total Score: 24.5


CAPA Gold Medal CPC Certificate

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