Second Annual Photography Competition, Tehran, Summer 2007: Good Works

Ali Asghar DaneshPour (Iran) for his work "No Title"
Amanda GilanDoust (Hungary) for her work "No Title"
Amin Aslani (Iran) for his work "No Title"
Angie Maher (USA) for her work "No Title"
Arash Afraie
(Dubai, UAE) for his work "The Wall"
Daniel Soheili (Iran) for his work "Wing"
Darianaz Gharibani (Iran) for her work "Autumn"
Esmail Behzadi Tehrani (Iran) for his work "We Should Go"
Farhad Azizi (Iran) for his work "Fire"
Farhad Varasteh (Germany) for his work "Meek"
Farnoosh Ahmadi Shirazi (Iran) for her work "Green"
Hadi Pouyan (Iran) for his work "No Title"
Hamed Mousavy (Iran) for his work "Ironsmith"
Homeira Yaseri (Iran) for her works "Harire" & "Stairs to Moon"
Idean GilanDoust (Iran) for his two "No Title" works
Jalal Sepehr (Iran) for his work "No Title"
Keivan Pour Nasri Nejad (Iran) for his work "No Title"
Maryam Khonsari (Iran) for her work "No Title"
Maryam Sadat Kashani Zadeh (Iran) for her work "Fly"
Massoud Karimaei (Iran) for his work "Bright Bridge"
Mehrdad Bakhtiar (Germany) for his work "No Title"
Minoo Iran Pour (Iran) for her work "Fly!"
Nastaran Mir Sharifi (Iran) for her work "No Title"
Payam Sadeghi (Iran) for his work "Green Gate"
Raheleh ZomorrodiNia (Iran) for her work "Zayandeh Roud"
Rahim HassanZadeh (Iran) for his work "Candles for a Wish"
Saeedeh Rahman Setayesh (Iran) for her work "Leisure"
Sahar Seyedi (Iran) for her work "Red"
Shahin Shahablou (Iran) for his work "Bowling"
Shirin Madani (Iran) for her work "The Rain of Life"
Ziba Salehi Rahni (Iran) for her work "Sunset, All by My Soul"


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Second Annual Photography Competition, Tehran, Summer 2007

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