"Green" Group Photography Exhibition, June 2006, Tehran
  A note on the exhibition at Mehrva gallery, by Ali Reza Yazdani

Ali Reza Yazdani

Green is a color, which could have different meaning in each culture. But always and everywhere, it associates of "Growing". In this exhibition, it could mean "the creation of a gallery among the other galleries in Tehran", which has announced itself with its first exhibition "Green". 30 photographers have shot it and have created a vast domain of the subjects in this exhibition, each just with one photo.

In some of the works, "Green" has been shown in the religious ceremonies. A man with green head-band in Ashoura Ceremony is such a photo, belonged to
Maryam Fakhimi. A big number of photos show the nature, scenes of plains, such as the works of Nikol Fridani and Farhad Varahram. Some more have concentrated on the details of the nature, as mossed stones of the river by Mehrva Arvin, and attached shells to he columns of an old bridge, captured by Masoud Soheili, as well as Shirin Madani, Keivan Pour Nasri Nejad and Ali Horrieh photos.

Some black and white photos tried to stimulate the dream of green, as the works of Nader Davoudi, Kaveh Najm-abadi and Taha Moghani.
All the photos, exhibited in this gallery, are just common in one idea, "Green Color". Under this subject, a lot of different and non-homogenous photos are gathered. In most of the photos, thought and eyes of the visitors go to a special point or idea, because of the selected name for this exhibition. For example, main components of Naser Davoudi's B&W photo are the tomb of Sadeq Hedayat, a script of "Blind Owl" (Bouf Kour), name of "Sadeq Hedayat" and a plant at the left side of the photo; but among these elements, just that plant joins the green color in our thought.
In Jamshid Bayrami's photo of Hajj Ceremony, even if the form of the umbrella in the sky attracts the eyes of the visitors, but really, it is the green color of the umbrella that emphasizes on the whole of the photo.

Jassem Ghazban Pour's photo, which a religious ceremony is shown from the upper view, the only thing that attracts us is the green cloth, which is carried by some people, just because of its color. If the subject of the exhibition was "Red", surely our views go to the red scarf of that girl at the top of the photo.
In Zohreh Soleymani's photo, we see a man, who is dazzled to small green glass in his hand. Our view go there too. This green point becomes strongly the meeting point of the eyes of the visitors and that man.

Kamran Adle has shown eight policemen with their long batons, arranged in a line, in an African country. Even if their long batons attract us, but it is the color of their uniform clothes, which conducts us to the green color.
Naghmeh GhasemLou's photo conducts our eyes to the outside green space through the interior side of the room. Even if we can enjoy much from the turquoise-color band around the window and the warm light color of the walls, but this is the green color that has made beyond-window space to an inclination point.
Scattered, calm and no-motion sportsmen in Abbas Kossary's photo conducts us to the combination of colors in football race and especially to the green ground color.

Among these photos, we see a painted wall, painted with cream and black color on a green-blue background. In this photo, Javid Ramezani shows a painting of twisted soft-curves leaves and branches, with some chalk-scripts at the bottom, as souvenir:
"Learn your eyesthat each body does not worth to be seen!"
But, I've changed it for myself and wrote it in my notebook:
"Learn your eyes that they could see everyone and everything with different views each time!"

Ali Horrieh

Jassem Ghazban Pour

Kamran Adle

Keivan Pour Nasri Nejad

Maryam Fakhimi

Masoud Soheili

Mehrva Arvin

Shirin Madani

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