Exhibitions 2007

The Mass: Group Photography Exhibitions in Iran
November 2007-2008
Masoud Soheili, Mohsen Rasoulov, Hamid Eskandari, Amin Aslani, Maryam Fakhimi, Anoush SaeedNia, Maryam Zandi & Seifollah Samadian, members of CPC/CAPA, have taken part in a group exhibition of 29 artists in the following cities of Iran:
Gorgan city, Fakhreddin Asade Gorgani Hall (29 Nov - 7 Dec 2007)
Meshed city, Mirak Art Gallery (15 - 20 Dec 2007)
Tehran city, Iranian Artists' Forum, Morteza Momayez Art Gallery (22 - 27 Dec 2007)
Mahabad city, Vahdat Art Gallery (1 - 7 Mar 2008)
Karaj city, Ivan Sepid Art Gallery, April 2008
This exhibition will be exhibited in the cities of Isfahan, KermanShah and Sari in 2008.
2007 Group Exhibition in Iran
Mehrva Arvin, Maryam Fakhimi and Mohsen Rasoulov, members of CPC/CAPA, have taken part in a group exhibition in Sanandaj, Orumieh and Hamadan cities in Iran.
Photography Exhibition by Mina Momeni
December 21-26, 2007, Tehran
Mina Momeni, member of CPC/CAPA, has photography exhibition in Tehran. These photos are exhibited at Elaheh Gallery.
Galawezh Festival: CPC 1st & 2nd Photography Exhibition, Sulaymania, Kurdistan, Iraq
November 20-25, 2007
"First & Second Photography Group Exhibition" of "Caroun Photo Club" and "Canadian Association in Photographic Art", which have been exhibited in Tehran in 2006 and 2007, were exhibited at "Galawezh Festival" in Sulaymania again, thanks to Soran Abdulla Nakshbandi, and our sponsor "Galawezh Literary and Enlightened Minds Center".
Photography Exhibition by Murat Germen
October 17-November 14, 2007, Istanbul, Turkey
Murat Germen, members of CPC, together with another Turkish photographer, has photography exhibition in Istanbul. Murat Germen's works include 20 photos of various sizes ranging from minimum 70 cm short side and 270 cm on the long side. One B&W, 18 in color and 1 etched (with CNC) printed on Plexi in color (150 x 65 cm). He has used canon EOS 5D, 75-300 mm zoom lens, 24mm TS, 28-70 mm zoom lens to take these photos. These photography are taken in 2006 and 2007. These photos are exhibited at French Cultural Institute.
Subject: "Construct"
The notion of incompleteness that is present inherently in the act of Construction pushes us to think more about a particular space, due to the fact that a complete building loses its narrative potential: There is no puzzle to solve anymore… Construction sites are like historical ruins; Paul Zucker asserts in his article ‘Ruins: An Aesthetic Hybrid’ that “ruins have held for a long time a unique position in the visual, emotional, and literary imagery of man. Devastated by time or willful destruction, incomplete as they are, they represent a combination of man-made forms and of organic nature.” Resting on this statement, the more incomplete the "Construct" is; the more organic life gets, the more surprises and the fewer boundaries we have: Hoping the flexibility within the incompleteness in the construction process will relax the completeness of the dogmatic type of mental construct…
Photography Exhibition by Maryam Fakhimi & Mohsen Rasoulov
August 17-29, 2007, Tehran
Maryam Fakhimi & Mohsen Rasoulov, members of CPC & CAPA, have taken part in a group photo exhibition in Tehran. These photos are exhibited at Mehrva Gallery.
Theme: "Titled Graffiti Art in Iran"
CPC 2nd Annual Photography Exhibition, Tehran, 2007
Caroun Photo Club, Tehran

Haft Samar Gallery
October 12-17, 2017
Photography Exhibition by Mehrva Arvin
September 2007, Tehran & London
Mehrva Arvin, member of CPC/CAPA, had an individual exhibition, including big color printed photos in Mehrva Gallery In Tehran. All the photos were digital. It is exhibited in London too.
Theme: "Water"
Photography Exhibition by Murat Germen
September 6, 2007-February 3, 2008, Istanbul, Turkey
Murat Germen, member of CPC, together with 5 Turkish photographers, has photography exhibition in Istanbul. Murat Germen's works had 70 photos, including one big panorama on floor printed on floor graphics material that you can walk on (size 12.7 x 2.5 meters) + 2 circular photos in the middle suspended from ceiling (90 cm diameter) and 36 x 2 = 72 photos of 20 x 30 cm size on both sides of big panorama, one B&W circular photo, remaining 74 in color. These photos are taken by Canon EOS 5D, 75-300 mm lens, 24mm TS in 2007.
Theme: "bride "
Photographers in Galata
Curated by Engin Ozendes, the exhibition will include recently commissioned works all focusing on the subject of Galata Bridge by six Turkish photographers including Murat Germen.
Considered among the most outstanding and innovative names in Turkish photography, these six photographers, who all work with a strongly conceptual bias, have approached Galata and its neighborhoods from perspectives that are diametrically opposed to the usual photographic cliché. in the projects they have specially developed for this exhibition, not only have they aimed to reflect the historical significance of the area and its associations for Istanbul, but they have also sought to expose the impact of changing living conditions and the diversity of urban development on the area in an attempt to generate fresh understandings of Galata and its significance.
These works reveal the different ages of Galata, its multicultural past, architectural characteristics, and inimitable way of connecting East and West as a crossroads or junction between different urban realities.
These works range from photographs that compress different moments on Galata Bridge into a single frame, to collages that recreate its multicultural history through reference to both visual and literary materials; from wide, panoramic images running wall-to-wall, to installations that focus on different aspects of interior space.
Photography Exhibition by Hana Kamkar
June 8-17, 2007, Tehran
The first group Kurdish photo exhibition is held in Tehran. Hana Kamakr, member of CPC & CAPA, is one of the three photographers of this group. Her seven photos , showing nature of Kurdistan in winter, are taken by Nikon F50 & FM3-Lens:28-200 & Macro. Six color photos were taken in the winter of 2005; one black and white photo is taken in the fall of 2005.These photos are exhibited at Nikol Gallery.
Theme: "Rojawa"
Photography Exhibition by Mohamad Rahmani
February 28-March 7, 2007, Tehran
Mohamad Rahmani, member of CPC & CAPA, had an individual exhibition from his digital photos. These photos are exhibited at Arasbaran Cultural Center, Tehran.
Theme: "Open"
CPC Winter Group Photography Exhibition 2007
Haft Samar Gallery: February 23-28, 2007, Tehran
A number of the members of "Caroun Photo Club" and "Canadian Association for Photographic Art" have a group exhibition of their digital photography at "Haft-Samar Gallery", Tehran:
Afsaneh Sheikhi Mohammareh, Ali Horrieh, Ali Kalate, Anoush SaeedNia, Azin Rad, Daniel Soheili, Darianaz Gharibani, Esmail Behzadi, Farhad Varasteh, Farideh Taghian, Farnaz Monjazi, Farzaneh Koochak Khani, Hassan SarBakhshian, Malakeh Mir Pouya, Massoud Karimaei, Mehri JaLashgar, Mehrva Arvin, Minoo Iran-pour, Mitra Samadi, Mohammad Javad Mohammad Beik, Nastaran Mir Sharifi, Raheleh ZomorrodiNia, Sahar Seyedi, Saman Dezyanian, Shirin Madani
Photography Exhibition by Maryam Fakhimi
February 16-28, 2007, Tehran
Maryam Fakhimi, member of CPC & CAPA, had an individual exhibition from her photo installation (Photos are printed on canvas). These are exhibited at Mehrva Gallery, Tehran.
Theme: "Anticipation"
Photography Exhibition by Mehrva Arvin
February 2007, London

Mehrva Arvin, member of CPC/CAPA, had an individual exhibition New Hall, Cambridge University, UK.
Theme: "30 years of Solitude"
CPC First Annual Photography Exhibition: Isfahan
Contemporary Arts Museum of Isfahan
February 14 - March 14, 2007, Isfahan, Iran
Fenruary 14-March 24, 2007.
Opening day: February 14, 2007, 16:30

"Tehran CPC First Annual Photography Exhibition 2006" is re-exhibited at the Contemporary Arts Museum of Isfahan City.
Photography Exhibition by Nariman Chaichi
January 5-02, 2007, Tehran

Nariman Chaichi, member of CPC & CAPA, had an individual exhibition from his panorama photos.
These photos are exhibited at Cafe Aks, Tehran.

Theme: "Turkmen"
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