Third CPC Digital Photo Contest, Vancouver, Canada, 2016

winner image

Third Winner

Saeid Momany


Frowning Bird
Score: 25 (out of 30)

Jurors Scores Critiques
Ruby Jaggernath 9 Good title, well saturated colour and well focused, great depth of field. The only problem is the white spot in the background.
Francois Cleroux 7 Yes, a nice stare down with this young (Great Horned?) owl. At this distance and with the fact that owls generally do not move, this raptor should be sharp.
The image is nicely exposed. Composition could be better with too much wasted space above the owl.

The background bright area could have easily been removed by shooting from the left or from lower (since the raptor’s head is down) or it can easily be fixed in post. The bright area is distracting.
Jim Hoskins 8 Very nice detail and colour, the eyes are riveting. There is even a small catch light….I think that cropping the top a little, subduing the bright patch in the background, and sharpening the subject would bring this image to a higher level.
Total Score: 24


CPC Bronze Medal CPC Certificate

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