CPC Members' Exhibitions
CAPA OPEN Theme Photo Contest, April 2018

The following photos of CPC members were taken part in this photo contest:

1- "Magic Hammer", by Leyla Mohammadi: 22.5
2- “Emigrant”, by Nafiseh Saadati: 22
3- “Waterfall Constantly Occupied by Houses”, by Mohammad Harooni: 20
4- "Dragon", by Reza Bigdeli: 20
5- “Surprized”, by Zohreh Hamraz: 18.5
6- "Resting Bird", by rvin Bigdeli: 17.5
CPC had no winners.

Competition Winners & Awards:

- Gold Medal: Montreal Club
- Silver Medal: St. Catharines Photographic Club
- Bronze Medal: The Chinese Canadian Photographic Society Of Toronto

Honourable Mention:
- Richmond Hill Camera Club
- Toronto Camera Club
- Lakeshore Camera Club
- Lions Gate Camera Club

Merit Awards:
- "Snowy Owl’s Majestry", by Rachel Bilodeau (Montreal Camera Club), 26.5
- Rural Beauty, by Kathy McDevitt (Montreal Camera Club), 26
- Alone, by Rene Watteel (Lions Gate Camera Club), 26

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