CPC Members' Exhibitions
CAPA Close-Up Photo Contest, May 2018

The following photos of CPC members were taken part in this photo contest:

1- “Life and Death”, by Mahtab Sadr: 21
2- “Orange Blossom”, by Elaine Hunter: 20
3- “Red Lady”, by Nafiseh Saadati: 20
4- "Catton Candy", by Arvin Bigdeli: 20
5- "Rose", by Leyla Mohammadi: 19.5
6- "Sister and Brother", by Armin Masoomabadi: 19
CPC had no winners.

Competition Winners & Awards:
- Gold Medal: Toronto Digital Photography Club
- Silver Medal: Richmond Hill Camera Club
- Bronze Medal: Burnaby Photographic Society

Honour Award:
- Trillium Photographic Club
- Focus Camera Club
- Toronto Camera Club

- Sunchie Yang, member of Richmond Hill Camera Club
– Bharat Mistry, member of Toronto Camera Club
– Leonie Holmes, member of Mississauga Camera Club

Highest Image Score: 27
Lowest Aggregate Score: 17.5
Total Number of Images: 162

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