CPC Members' Exhibitions
CAPA Fine Art Photo Contest 2017
October 2017

The following photos of CPC members were taken part in this photo contest:

1- “Housewife”, by Nafiseh Saadati: 20.5
2- "Deep Look", by Reza Bigdeli: 20
3- “Dream Place”, by Zohreh Hamraz: 19.5
4- "Pencils", by Arvin Bigdeli: 19.5
5- “The Overpowering Dignity of Nature”, by Mohammad Harooni: 19
6- "Strutting", by Leyla Mohammadi: 19
CPC had no winners.

Competition Winners & Awards:

- Gold Medal: Camera 35 St. Johns
- Silver Medal: Lions Gate Camera Club
- Bronze Medal: Etobicoke Camera Club

Honourable Mention:
- Langley Camera Club
- Victoria Camera Club

Merit Awards:
- He Zhao
- Karen Chappell
- Jim Hatch

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