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CAPA Pacific Zone Annual Photo Challenge/Exhibition
BC, Canada, April 2011

CAPA Pacific Zone Annual Photo Challenge
BC, Canada, April 2011

Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) has an annual photo challenge, which is held among BC & Yukon photo clubs. This photo contest has 3 winners and 7 selected works. Each club could send 10 photos of 10 members.

CPC has participated in this competition. Participated photos and results will be announced:
Amir Jam, Ehsan Mahdizadeh, Farhad Varasteh, Farzad Emami, Masoud Soheili, Nafiseh Tabari, Saeid Momany, Sahar Seyedi & Shahriar Davachi

In 2011, 15 photo clubs has participated (150 printed photos). Farzad Emami, form Caroun Photo Club (CPC), has won Honourable Mention. His work was among the selected works. Congratulation!
Ehsan has received Farzad's Mention on behalf!

All the photos were exhibited at the same day at Richmond.

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