CPC Members' Exhibitions
CAPA Open Digital Club Photo Contest
Canada, 2009

Six members of CPC, have taken part in CAPA Open Digital Club Challenge 2009. Their works were selected by a group of CPC membersamong all the photos sent for this competition.
The competition was judged on December 2009.
CPC members were not among winners. Detailed result is emailed to members.
Chair of the competition: Brian Malott (St Thomas Photo Guild)

Farzad Emani: Mushroom
Score: 23/30
Judges Comments:
- White line from right distracts
- Full marks for intriguing image; like to see a full range of tones its missing pure black; cropping slightly would improve it
- Magnificent radial lines fanning outwards creates a compelling abstract.

Kaveh Rasouli: Just Married
Score: 19/30
Judges Comments:
- Something like married 40 years
- Its a nice image; the pattern doesn’t evoke any feelings - just a pattern of lines
- I would enjoy this imaginative image more if the bright white weren't bi-setting the scene

Masoud Harati: Shy & Curious
Score: 24/30
Judges Comments:
- Excellent use of selective focus, eyes of 2nd child razor sharp, drawback blown out shawl
- Beautiful image; several distracting elements, the blown out head scarf and the broach on the girl in the foreground
- You have captures the child's wariness fabulously; softer light of late afternoon or early morning would take this image over-the-top.

Nafiseh Tabari: Harmony
Score: 16/30
Judges Comments:
- Better crop would improve image, improve exposure, less busy
- Only one third of this image speaks of harmony; crop into that one third; then expose it properly
- The raising angle of view so that the lady's shawl is entirely against the green and zoom in on the action.

Payam Peikary: No Back, No School
Score: 18/30
Judges Comments:
- I built that bus, image to be straighten leans to right, too saturated, use a fill light on bus
- No comment
- Because the focal point of interest is the bus, the sky and the foreground should be judiciously cropped.

Sahar Seyedi: Evening Chat
Score: 23/30
Judges Comments:
- Excellent lead in lines, contrast between white and black door adds intrigue, excellent image
- Colorful image; needs some cropping almost all around; if the caption is chat I’m missing the face on the second person.
- The expression on lady in fuchsia is priceless; either show more of lady in white or hide her face completely.

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