CPC Members' Exhibitions
Seymour Art Gallery
First/Second Annual Photography Exhibition
North Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2008

"First & Second Photography Group Exhibition" of "Caroun Photo Club" and "Canadian Association in Photographic Art", which have been exhibited in Tehran and Isfahan cities in Iran and Sulaymania in Iraq in 2006 and 2007, is exhibited at "Seymour Art Gallery" in North Vancouver again.

The news is posted at "April 2008 Newsletter of Seymour Art Gallery" as well as local Newspapers; "Paivand" Newspaper has published the news of the exhibition in four issues in a month; "North Shore News" has published it in three Fridays, and "Farhang" Newspaper in its two issues. Here, we thank all those publishers.

Seymour Art Gallery's Website at www.SeymourArtGallery/quay.htm and "Canadian Association in Photographic Art" at National News at www.capacanada.ca/national_news.html and at International News at www.capacanada.ca/int_news.html.

5000 invitation cards were printed and delivered to "Photography Stores", "Libraries", "Community Centers", "Galleries & Art Galleries", "Book Stores", "Movies", "Iranian Centers and Stores", Cultural Center of "France", "Italy", "Poland", "China"... in the vast area of Greater Vancouver. A huge number of invitation were sent by email to the residents of this area too, as well as other cities in Canada that have visited the exhibition on web. Half of these were sent to Iranian residents in North Vancouver and West Vancouver, but we have the least visitors of Iranian society, while many people have come from far distances from East Vancouver, Surrey, Abbotsford... as well as other cities as Edmonton... Due to the small and spread population of the city, there was a big number of the visitors in the first weekend, more than 300.

All the photos of these two exhibition were exhibited, unless what were taken by the photographers in Iran and 6 of the photos, which were completely torn during mailing from the previous exhibition to Canada.

To reach the complete info of these two exhibitions, visit 2006 & 2007 CPC Annual exhibitions at the "Exhibition" sections of the website.

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