CPC Members' Exhibitions
CPC First Annual Group Photography Exhibition
Haft Samar Gallery
Fall 2006, Tehran, Iran

Among the all member from Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Iran, Iraq, Italy, The Netherlands, Turkey and USA, 71 members have taken part in the Competition. Most of the works were sent from Iran. We have just some limited works from Canada, Iraq and Turkey.

More than 95% of the works were sent at the last days; surely, most of the photos were chosen in hurry. I've seen many better works of our members, whose works were omitted. This is the reason, why 13 members' works were canceled.

More than %20 of the packages were incomplete, and it takes a lot of time to complete them. Even it was announced, but I took time to complete the files and all the participants works took part in the competition.

The jury Ms. Maryam Zandi, Mr. Nasser Taghvai, Mr. Esmail Abbasi have judged the works with patient in two days. CPC & CAPA thank the jury that have attended the judgment with their busy time. The report of the competition was announced on web. The list of the winners and selected works announced on the opening day of the exhibition on November 3.

The exhibition was announced by posters, invitation cards, email and websites; it was opened on November 3 at "Haft Samar Art Gallery" with a huge number of visitors. A great number of Iranian photographer attended at the exhibition, as well as photographers from France, Iraq, Italy, Turkey. "Murat Germen", the second winner from Turkey, and "Soran Abdulla Nakshbandi" and "Jama Osman Penjweny", our members from Iraq have attended at the exhibition. We have the great number of visitors on the whole days of the exhibition.
At the opening day, 14 photos were sold.

Iranian TV has mad a report on the exhibition. There was an interview with some of our members too. Many newspapers and news agencies have reports the event. "Profession: Artist" magazine has published a report with the photos of the winners, as well as "Canadian Camera Magazine" in the winter issue 2006-7. "Creative Photography magazine" has a report too, as well as many Iranian websites and www.CAPAcanada.ca, the website of "The Canadian Association for Photographic Art". Special thanks to:
- Joy McDonnell the editor-in-chief of Canadian Camera
- Shahriar Tavakoli the editor-in-chief of Profession: Artist
- Afshin Shahroudi the editor-in-chief of Creative Photography

- "Aksbaran" has printed the photos of the exhibition and fixed them on the board.
- "Nescafe" has served cafe at the opening day.
- "Epson" has published the posters of the exhibition
- The following books were gifted by Iranian photographers:
- Ms. Maryam Zandi gifted 10 volumes of her Photography books.
- Mr. Seifollah Samadian gifted 3 series of "Tasvir" magazine.
- Mr. Afshin Shahroudi gifted 10 volumes of his Photography books.
- Mr. Jassem Ghazban Pour gifted 10 volumes of his Photography books.
- Mr. Raffi Avanessian gifted 5 volumes of his Photography books.
- Nazar Reseach & Cultural Institute has gifted 20 volumes artistic books.
- 10 volumes of Mr. Nasrollah Kasraian's photography books by Caroun.com
- "Farzaneh Koochak Khani," one of our members, has donated an amount to cost for the rest expenses of the Competition/Exhibition 2006.

Farzaneh Koochak Khani, Nima Nasseri, Mitra Samadi, Farnaz Sedighi, Amir Saeed Gorji, Mina Momeni & Ali Horrieh, all members, had a lot of their time to do exhibitions' works. Especially thanks to the help of "Farzaneh Koochak Khani" for this Competition/Exhibition and the whole 2006 our activities.

At the opening of the exhibition our First Bulletin was published in 60 pages, 1000 copies. This act helped us to introduce more CPC/CAPA to Iranian Photographers and artists. Thanks to "Haft Samar Art Gallery" who served us at the best. We appreciate the cooperation of "Lila Samari" and "Farhad Samari", managers of the gallery.

Photos of the opening reception were taken by Raheleh ZomorrodiNia.
Masoud Soheili, Chair

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