NSPS Digital Challenge 2009, West Vancouver, BC, Canada

Bahman Sahami, Daniel Soheili, Farhad Varasteh, Masoud Harati, Masoud Soheili, Sahar Seyedi, Simin Mashkoor, Soran Abdulla Nakshbandi, members of CPC, have taken part in a group slide show at North Shore Photographic Society (NSPS) at Kay Meek Centre for the Performing Arts, located at 1700 Mathers Avenue, West Vancouver, BC, Canada.

It was a photography competition for CAPA photo clubs in British Columbia and Yukon Territories, which was held by North Shore Photographic Society. Each club could send 10 photos; 29 photo clubs and societies have participated:

- Abbotsford Photo Arts Club
- Arts Photo Club of Vancouver
- Burnaby Photographic Society
- Caroun Photo Club
(8 images only)
- Central Okanagan Photographic Society
- Chilliwack Camera Club
- Chung Ai Photographic Society
- Clear Focus Camera Club
- Cowichan Valley Camera Club
- Crescent Beach Photographic Club
- Harbour City Photo Club
- Kamloops Photo Arts Club
- Kimberley Camera Club
- Langley Camera Club
- Lions Gate Camera Club
- New Westminster Photography Club
- Northern Lenses Camera Club
- North Shore Photographic Society
- Pacific Digital Photography Club
- Richmond Photo Club
- Royal City Photography Club
- Shuswap Photo Arts Club
- Surrey Photography Club
- The Lightroom
- Tricity Photographic Club
- Victoria Camera Club
- West Kootenay Camera Club
- West Vancouver Seniors Photo Club
- Whitehorse Photography Club

288 photos were judged by the Jury:
- Greg Blue, a commercial photographer and Program Director of Langara College Photography program
- Mary L. G. Jensen, a portrait photographer and fellow of PPABC
- Rob Salmon, who specializes in industrial and commercial illustration and holds a Master of Photographic Arts in PPOC and Fellow in PPABC
(1-9 points by each member of the jury for each photo, max 3x9)

Club Awards
1- Shuswap Photo Arts Club / Lions Gate Camera Club (226 points)
2- North Shore Photographic Society (226 points)
3- Burnaby Photographic Society (223 points)
CPC has participated just with just 8 photos and had 150 points (ranking 29).

Individual Awards
1- Fern Thompson of the Cowichan Valley Camera Club received the NS Challenge Gold Medal for her image "November Rose" with 26 points.
2- Murray O'Neill of the Lions Gate Camera Club with 26 points for his image "Grizzlies in the Mist"
3- Rodger Hort of the Kamloops Photo Arts Club for his image "Something's Outta Whack", also 26 points
Because five of the top images received "26" points, the judges were called upon to reassess these images and rank them into the top three.
Honorable Mention ribbons will be given to the top 30 images.
CPC: The top score belonged to "Masoud Harari" (22); his photo was published in NS CD.
Works of CPC members

Bahman Sahami

Daniel Soheili

Farhad Varasteh

Masoud Harati

Masoud Soheili

Sahar Seyedi

Simin Mashkoor

Soran Nakshbandi
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