Guidelines for Digital Images for Digital Show or Photo Contests

How to make your work ready:

1) Set your color working space to the sRGB standard. This is the color gamut that is used for E-Mail, monitor and digital projector viewing.

2) From your scanned slide or negative or digital camera image, set the size of your edited image. If using Photoshop, go to image>image size, and check the constrain proportions.
a) For a horizontal image, set only the horizontal pixel width to 1400
b) For a vertical or square image, set only the vertical pixel height to 1040
Click OK. Do not be concerned about document size, resolution, or file size.

3) The photographer may make any manipulation, enhancement, modification, cropping, or removal of distracting elements, that can be done in-camera, or in the “digital darkroom”, to improve the presentation of the image. However this should not significantly alter the original scene. It must remain a photo, and should not change to a graphic work or...
The combining of multiple images is allowed for the purpose of increasing the Dynamic Range (HDR), or for “stitching” adjacent images, such as in the case of panoramas.
So, adjust the color, brightness and contrast your photo.

4) Sharpen your image suitable for digital projection (Sharpen>Unsharp Mask>50 to 100). Almost all digital or scanned digital images require some sharpening. Do not over-sharpen. Do not adjust anything after sharpen.
For color accuracy from your screen to our projector it is strongly advised that you calibrate your monitor. We will not be making any corrections or adjustments to the submitted images.

5) Save your photo as JPG (JPEG), high resolution (12). During editing, never save your photo; it reduces the quality of the photo. Just save once after finishing your work and do nothing after that.

6- Rename your photo: “Complete name of Photographer-Title of the Photo”, like:
“The Road Is Closed-Elaine Hunter.jpg”
Use capital letter for the beginning of each word. Leave a blank space between words.

7- Send your photos for the competitions by email. CD or Flash Memory is not accepted. Write down “The name of Competition” and “your Name” on the SUBJECT of the email.

8- Pay the fee of the competition at the same time you send your photos. The responsibility of separate sending, and loosing the receipt of the fee goes back to the photographer, not CPC.

Caroun Photo club will not be making any corrections or adjustments to the submitted images.
Photos should have all the above-mentioned specifications, otherwise will be canceled.

Important Points
1- Photos will be showed as Digital AV.
2- Make a big 300 dpi of each of photos ready for exhibition, print in magazines and bulletin, website… You can send this copy with your competition copy too.
3- CPC has the right to publish these photos in publications and website… under the name of photographer. Copyright remains for the photographer.
4- Nature photography refers to the wide range of images devoted to photographic observations from all branches of natural history in an honest and true representation.
Evidence of the “hand of man” must not be present in any part of the image. Photographs of cultivated plants, domestic animals, and taxidermy specimens are not allowed.
The presence of scientific bands or collars is acceptable, but should be minimal.

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