Hand-woven: Iran


Salt-container (salt-bag)
Namakdan: Afshar and other tribes of Kerman

Tribal namakdans of Kerman region are doubtlessly the most various namakdans of Iran. This variety is not only in design and combination, but also in weaving and structure.

Using different type of flat weave, like kilim weaving, weft wrapping and extra weft weave, relief, substitute, common and combination with piled weave have made their namakdans variable and pleasant.

Existence of different tribes in Kerman, has resulted creation of various designs and combinations in their namakdans.

Regarding the size, Kerman namakdans are the most variable ones of this kind, too. Largest namakdans are woven by tribes of Kerman. Some of those are up to 70x90 cm; although some of the smallest namakdans are also wove here. There are many average size namakdans in Kerman, too.

Most of namakdans are woven by Afshar; although Afshar's woven are noticeably inspired by other tribes, like Baluch, Lor and Lak, These weavings have distinguishably influenced the weaving of some other tribes of Kerman.

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