Hand-woven: Iran


Salt-container (salt-bag)
Namakdan: Lor

Regarding size, weaving, structure, combination and dyeing, namakdans of Lor of Bakhtiari have complete unity.

Those sizes are about 60x40 cm.

Colors are green, blue, dark red and some yellow and brown.

Cotton thread is used in most of those, which has an important role in better look of design and colors.

There are too many words to explain the taste and skill, used in limited small space of these namakdans, but the creativity used in those are admirable. Structure and weaving of Lor's namakdan have single and plain rule.

Three different structures are used in all of namakdans. Front side is weft wrapping weave. Its bottom is piled weave with symmetrical knots. Backside is plain flat weave.

Weft wrapping weave of Lor is loose and not pressed, so that extra wefts between weft wrapped wales are seen; color of this weft is dark red.

Bottom part of namakdan, between 3 to 5 cm is piled woven, which is folded from the middle and is seen from front and backside, to prevent corruption of bottom of namakdan. They use this method in their silique (Khorjin), too.

Backside of Lor namakdans are plain flat weave with narrow stripped design and are usually red and blue or red and green.

Two sides of Lor namakdans are woven weft wrapping by black or dark brown goat hair.

Extra warps are twisted into shoulder part and are covered by different colors. Sometimes warps, which are usually light brown or ivory color, are braided.

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