Hand-woven: Iran


Salt-container (salt-bag)
Namakdan: Moqan (Shahseven)

It could be said, that finest Shahseven's namakdans belong to Moqan tribes. These namakdans have noticeable variety regarding shape and weaving.

Some of the most attractive ones are woven with "weft wrapping" method and a few of them are flat weave. Moqan weft wrapping woven namakdans have pure and jolly colors, with fine and precise weaving.

Numbers of Moqan flat weave namakdans are less than weft wrapping ones. These namakdans contain larger images and less details, regarding the method of weaving limitation.

There are also a few Moqan namakdans with "relief work with extra weft weaving", or combination of this method of weaving and "flat weave".

Backside of Moqan namakdans are plain flat weave (and also visible weft), with stripped design.

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