Abol-Hassan Saba

Iranian Musician and Violinist
Abol-Hassan Saba

1903: Born in Tehran; He was the son of Mr. Abol-Qasem Khan Saba (Kamal-ol-Saltaneh) and Mrs. Ameneh Rais. His grandfather was Mahmoud Khan Saba (Malek-ol-Shoara), a great poet of Qajar period.

1907: Learning Tombak in the class of Robabeh Ravan-bakhsh
1909: Learning Se-Tar in the school of Mirza Abdollah for 3 years
1910: Elmieh School, Tehran
1912: Learning Tar in the school of Dervish Khan
1913: Learning Kamancheh in the school of Hussein Ismail-zadeh and Violin in the school of Hussein Hang-Afarin
1914: Finishing Dervish Khan's School and receiving the best award "Golden Battle-axe"
1915: Learning Santour in the school of Mirza Ali Akbar Shahi
1916: Studying in American school (Jordan) and learning classic music
1922: Leaving the school, while learning music full time
1923: Studying in Music Institute
1927: "Ey Vatan" and "Zard Malijeh", with Saba's violin is recorded.
1929: Saba is elected as the manager of Rasht Music School by Klonel Vaziri.
1931: Returned to Tehran and opened his private music class in his home
1932: He married with "Montakhab Esfandyar Kouh-navard",an Iranian famous tailor,  Nima's cousin; then he had 3 daughters, Qazaleh, Jaleh & Roksana. He had recorded some pieces by Columbia Co.
1936: A travel to Syria and Lebanon and recording some pieces; A concert with Qamar; Serious music teaching
1937: He established Santour class in Tehran with Habib Samai, which has come from Meshed; he attended as a student in this class.
1938: A travel to Damascus and Beirut and recording some pieces
1939: He returned to Tehran and he founded "Tehran Radio"; he worked there his whole life.
1940: Saba learnt painting at Kamal-olmolk painting classes.
1941: Cooperation with "Music Magazine"; Establishment of "Novin Orchestra"; a concert in "Music College" for attending Tajik artists in Iran
1944: Membership in "Culture Ministry" as the chef of "Iran Fine Arts Orchestra, No. 1"; Publishing his first book on violin playing (Radif, volume 1)
1945: Publishing his second book on violin playing (Radif, volume 2); "Deylaman" folklore with Javad Maroufi and Banan
1946: Habib Samai deceased. He continued his way for Santour.
1947: Membership in Fine Arts Bureau, chef of its orchestra
1948: Saba, Rouhollah Khaleqi and Banan acted in "Life Storm" movie, by Ali Darya Beigi (director)
1949: Published the first volume of his book on Santour
1950: Receiving the "Art First Medal"
1952: Saba's portrait was printed on the volume of the newly established magazine: "Iran Music"
1953: Some concerts in Rasht and Anzali, Norouz; established of the first great Iranian music by Saba; published serial 7 essays on Santour in "Iran Music" magazine; "Snail" article in "Iran Music" magazine; composed "30 Tir" political national song, with Hussein Gol Golab and Hussein Malek (Hussein Malek was arrested)

1954: Qamar had her last program in radio with Saba's violin in "Abu-Ata"; received "Chopin Profile Medal" from the Poland's ambassador; 2 articles in Iran Music magazine
1956: Chef of the Fine Arts Central Bureau No. 1 Orchestra; interview with Tehran Radio
1957: Abol-Hassan Saba deceased on December 19. He buried in Zahir-oldoleh Cemetery. Shah ordered to make his house with all his works, things and instruments... as a permanent museum; Many commemoration ceremonies was held in different cities of Iran; a special issue of Music magazine published for the commemoration of Saba; His orchestra, Iran Fine Arts Central Bureau Orchestra's name changed to "Saba Orchestra" (chef: Hossein dehlavi)

1958: Saba's article (Tombak) published in Iran Music magazine; Mohammad Baharlou published his "Tar & Se-Tar".
1959: Hossein Dehlavi continued his way with orchestra by composing "Shoushtari".
1960: Another article of Saba was published in Iran Music magazine.
1968: "Saba Orchestra" closed after ten years working with the management of Hossein Dehlavi
1973: Ahmad Reza Ahmadi published "Life and Works of Saba"
1974: In November, Ali Akbar Shahbazi inaugurated Saba Museum (his house: No. 92, Zahirol-Islam St.) and all the masters were invited to take music classes in the museum;  Museum Central Bureau published Saba's Biography; Bahman Hirbod, th editor of the only private music magazine "Iran Music" deceased.
1975: Khatereh Parvaneh, Ismail Navab Safa, Mehdi Khaledi, Ali Tajvidi and Faramarz Payvar... had a concert in "Roudaki Hall" in the memorial of 18 years of the lack Saba.
1976: Pari Safa published "Abol-Hassan Saba Memorial" book.
1983: Saba Museum was opened.

1984... many articles, books, music... were issued for Saba's memorial



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