Changi Chapel and Museum


Address: 1000 Upper Changi Road North
Opening hours: 9-17 daily

Changi Chapel, housed within the open-air courtyard if the museum, was first built in 1988 by World War II inmates of Changi Prison.

Today, it stands as a monument for those that would had kept their faith and dignity in the face of Japanese rule. Letters, Photographs, drawings and personal effects in the museum tell a horrific story of over 3 years of war (1942-45) and imprisonment for more than 50000 civilians and soldiers in Changi.

Yet at those worst times, we hear of stories that were heroic, touching and most of all, inspirational. The highlight is a series of magnificent wall paintings, called "Changi Murals", painstakingly recreated from the originals painted by Bombardier Standley Warren.

A resource center houses exiting literature and rare books depicting life during the war years.



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