Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom Museum


Address: Sentosa Monorail Station No. 4
Phone: 275 0013
Opening hours: 9-18:30

Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom Museum of Singapore is a monument built in remembrance of the virtually hundreds of insects lost each day due to increasing urbanization and deforestation worldwide.

To create an environment as close to nature, Butterfly Park is a specially designed enclosure with breathtaking landscape and greenery. You will encounter a myriad of live butterflies and insects as they flutter and glide gracefully amongst the lush and flora in the tropical garden. These insects are native to the tropical islands of Asia.

Our planet, Earth, is home to more than2.8 million species of insects; each having its own unique and complex body shapes, characteristics and lifestyles. Their immense population has made them the largest group of living creatures known. In Insect Kingdom Museum, you will have close encounters with over 2500 different species of insects, of which comprised some of the world's most beautiful and rarest insects.

For protection against predators, these unique insects, such as the leaf butterflies and walking stick insects camouflage themselves in their surroundings. Also displayed in this section are aqua insects and metamorphosis of the giant silk moth in life-sized dioramas with complete explanations.

On display here are the world's most beautiful and largest butterflies and beetles. On displayed here are representative species of tropical butterflies found locally and in Southeast Asia region. A variety of Beetles such as Rhino, Stag and Jewel beetles and ghost walkers are displayed in dioramas together with bionomics photographs and explanations.

A selection of live specimens are separately enclosed in glass cases. They include Jungle Grasshoppers, Long-horned Beetles, Single-horned Beetles, Man Bugs, Dead Leaf Mantis and Ghost Spiders, Millipedes, Tarantulas and Scorpions.


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