Rassam Carpet Museum

Iran: Tehran
Rassam Arabzadeh Carpet Museum

Address: No.7,1st Boustan St., Pasdaran Ave., Tehran, Iran
Tel.:(0098-21) 284-9775
      (0098-21) 284-9754
      (0098-21) 284-7913
Fax: (0098–21) 284 – 7912
Opening hours: 9 to 20 ; Saturday to Thursday
Number of Rugs: 30 Rugs from Rassam Arabzadeh

This organization is activated since 1995. Besides the Museum, a weaving educational workshop is working; a number looms, with designs on the base of Rassam's designs, educated weaving by Rassam's son. After finishing basic Period, students have to have their own designs and tools. Here is organized by Tehran City and Cultural Heritage Organization. Rassam Arabzadeh had also a weaving educational workshop during 1978-1979 in Rome.

Here is showed list and specification of 30 carpets of his masterpieces specifications :

Artist Specification : 1.40m 2.12m; No. Of knots: 4004501; No. of colors: 56
Art and Art : 1.44m 1.95m; No. of knots:1703520; No. of colors: 82
Shah Bahram Hunt : 1.45m 2.41m; No. of knots:224646; No. of colors: 55

An Omnibus:
1.41m 2.05m; No. of knots:1764360; No. of colors: 80
Playing with color: 1.39m 1.89m; No. of knots:1064960
Qajar Girl: 1.34m 1.91m; No. of knots:1044480; No. of colors: 38

Cyrus the Great-Ascends the Throne: 2.20m 2.25m; No. of knots:3465000; No. of colors: 310
To the edge of the sea: 1.42m 1.68m; No. of knots:909720; No. of colors: 35
Some are preoccupied: 1.41m 2.00m; No. of knots:1381800; No. of colors: 156

Engraved Wood Work Door
: 1.38m 2.67m; No. of knots:1803200; No. of colors: 32
The girl from Qasem Abad: 0.94m 1.19m; No. of knots:809200; No. of colors: 380
A Mystics Contemplation: 1.51m 2.41m; No. of knots:259935; No. of colors: 226

Shah – Nameh
: 2.60m 2.15m; No. of knots:5994000; No. of colors: 870
The Chahar Bagh Mosque and Seminary: 1.20m 1.75m; No. of knots:1517250; No. of colors: 120 
Game of Polo: 1.40m 2.13m; No. of knots:255599; No. of colors: 97

A pair of Doors from the Palace of Chehel-Sotun
: 1.38m 2.07m; No. of knots:2059125; No. of colors: 55
The mystery of existence: 1.36m 1.90m; No. of knots:1056768; No. of colors: 100
Birds in Cage: 1.37m 2.00m; No. of knots:1667016; No. of colors: 195

Artistic Revolution: 1.37m 201m; No. of knots:1126400; No. of colors: 40
Seize the day:
1.42m 200m; No. of knots:1163264; No. of colors: 125
Hunting Gazelles:
0.90m 0.80m; No. of knots:51428; No. of colors: 90

Small World Big Loonies:
9.7m 4.26m; No. of knots:265641; No. of colors: 200
1.51m 2.14m; No. of knots:2077328; No. of colors: 52
Haft-Sin Spread:
1.88m 2.65m; No. of knots:2375000; No. of colors: 210

Autumnal Leaves: 2.06m 2.90m; No. of knots:1500000; No. of colors: 85
Spoken from the heart:
1.51m 2.13m; No. of knots:1946880; No. of colors: 50
My Musical Instrument:
1.05m 1.94m; No. of knots:980000; No. of colors: 54

Khosrow and Shirin:
1.34m 1.98m; No. of knots:1632000; No. of colors: 169
Brilliant Gems:
2.23m 2.02m; No. of knots:2756608; No. of colors: 24
Twin Minerals:
0.95m 1.38m; No. of knots:74914; No. of colors: 60

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