Address: Darabad, Tehran, Iran
Tel: (+98) (21) 2229-0002
Fax: (+98) (21) 2228-8254
Visiting hours:
20 March to 20 Sept: 8.30-20.30
21 Sept. to 19 March: 8.30-18.30
Closed Sundays

Iran, because of large extension, specially geographical situation and climate, has got various selection of plants and animals.

Mammals from all over the world such as, European Buck, African Nomadic Hedgehog and Frugivorous Bat, Asian Indian Black Bear and Native Iranian Yellow deer, Asian Greyhound, Burden Goat and Persian Squirrel and 140 species of all 499 Bird's species are gathered here.

Construction of the Museum is two-floor building, has got several saloons.

Hall 1:
Asia, Middle East:
Snakes belongs to Boa family, Indian and Sri Lankean peacock and peahen, Bengalis tigers are exhibited in Hall 1.

Europe and Eastern America:
The biggest deer, yellow deer, tiger, North American brown bear, all from Europe and East- America, observed, also in Hall 1.

Hall 2:
With movement to West, fauna belongs to the West and North-west area, observed and also American Merino, deer, Merino of Arbors, buck, buffalo, pheasant, hen-pheasant, flamingo, brown bear, boar, panther, jackal, fox and wolf.

Hall 3:
At the beginning of arrival, confronted the most rare and magnificent mammals, all over the world, called Persian see and Persian Greyhound, which facing to over throw.
Fauna belongs to the center and South of Persia, such as karakul, jackal, fox, hyena, found in this hall.
Also, Reptiles snakes, lizards, crocodiles and some emigrant birds and native birds, observed.

Hall 4:
At the beginning of arrival, above the door, comforting to the horn and skull of African wild-cow and ivories of African elephant.
Buffalo, lion, lioness, wild-dog, rhinoceros, panther, African boar and anthilopa are shown here.

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