Rasht Museum

Iran: Rasht

Address: Taleghani (Bistun) Ave., Rasht, Iran
Tel.: (0098-231) 27979
Opening hours: 8-18 ; Fridays are closed.
Type of Museum and objects: Archeological and ethnological

This three story structure dating back to 60 years ago, was originally used as the residence of " Mirza Hossein Khan Kasmai", a companion of "Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali”. It was bought by Ministry of Culture and Art and after some necessary repair works, transferred into museum in 1970.

After the Revolution, it was closed until 1988. Due to renovation and restoration works, the inauguration of the museum was delayed, taking place in 1989.

Archeological items, found from excavation of "Marlik", "Tukam Deylaman”, “Cheragh Gholi Tappeh", …, and also ethnological items related to native tools and life, are exhibited.

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