Porcelain House of Sheikh Safi-ed-Din-e Ardebili

Iran: Azerbaijan (East)

Address: Ali-Qapu sq., Ardebil, Iran.
Tel: (0098-451) - 23665 & 23773
Type of museum: private
Type of objects: Safavid porcelain items and Holy Qur'an manuscripts

Sheikh Safi's mausoleum a collection of impressive monuments, fine structures and artistic decorations, of which the porcelain house has been turned into a museum.

The architectural style of this edifice resembles that of Ali-Qapu in Isfahan. It is an octagonal, dome-covered room, with four shah-neshins (elevated recesses).

The stalactite works of this structure are fine specimens of the constructional and decorative devices of the Safavid period.

This museum was inaugurated in early 1991.

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