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Sadeq Choubak

Life and Works
1916 Born in Bushir, Iran
Father: Ismail Bazargan
1924 Sa'adat school in Bushir
1927 Shafaieh, Baqerieh, Soltanieh and Hayat schools in Shiraz
1933 American College in Tehran
1937 Married with "Qodsi"
Sons: Rouzbeh (1944) and Babak (1947)
Commenced with Art and Culture Ministry
Teaching in Sharafat School, Khoramshahr
1938 Military Service (1938-1940)
1945 Published his first book "Marionette", contained 11 stories
"Last Autumn's Afternoon" story, dedicated to Sadeq Hedayat
"Ill-treatment" story, dedicated to Masoud Farzad
Published his second collection of stories "The Monkey that its Pederast was Dead", included 3 stories and a play
His stories were published in different magazines and especially in the first volume of "Sokhan" (Speech) magazine.

Published second edition of "Marionette", after 10 years that had no permission to be printed, because of "Ill-treatment" story. In this edition, it was replaced by "Human Sigh" story.
Took part in a seminar in Harvard University, USA
Traveled to Moscow, Samarkent, Bukhara and Tajikistan, as he was invited by USSR Writers Center.
Translation of Pinocchio to Persian
"The Monkey that its Pederast was Dead" book translated by Peter Eury and published in "Writing New World", No. 11.
1960 Translation of "Raven" to Persian, Kavosh magazine

"Sea" movie, on the basis of his story "Why Sea was been Stormy", from "The Monkey that its Pederast was Dead" collection, by Ibrahim Golestan (Forouq Farokhzad, artist), which was not finished.
"Tangsir" novel, dedicated to Qodsi Choubak. Then, it was translated to many languages.
1965 "Last Lamp" book, contained 8 short stories and a poem
"The First Day of the Grave" dedicated to Rouzbeh Choubak, contained 10 stories and a play.
1966 "Sang Sabour" (Patient Stone) novel, dedicated to his home, Bushir
1970 Teaching in Utah University, USA (One Year)
1972 "Selected Works of Sadeq Choubak" was published in Russian, Moscow
1974 His novel, "Tangsir", on movie
Professor of Persian Language in Pennsylvania University
Traveled to UK and USA
1976 "Human Sigh" and "Oil-seller" stories, Marionette book, was translated and published in "East and West Literature" magazine by Garter Bryant and Leonard Bogle, with an introduction by C. Hillmann Michael.
1979 Translation of "Sang Sabour", published in 1989, CA, USA
1980 Translation of "The First Day of the Grave", by Mino Southgate
Translation of "Selected Works of Choubak", with an introduction by F. R. C. Bagley
1990 April 8, a meeting in the memory of Sadeq Choubak, Berkley University, CA, USA, by Par Foundation and Research Center of Berkley University
1991 Translation of "Mah-pareh" (A Small Part of Moon)
1992 A meeting in Middle East Search Association (MESA), Portland, USA, about Choubak story-writing
1993 "Kian Foundation" specialized a part of its Iranologist magazine to Sadeq Choubaq.
1998 Deceased in Berkley, USA, in 82

Ali Dehbashi, Has published a book in memory of Sadeq Choubak in 640 pages, 2001.

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