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Parviz Shapour

Life and Works

Parviz Shapour
Born in February 23, 1924, Qom
Deceased in August 4, 2000

He studied in "Sanati School" and was a student of "Nima Youshij".

He had Bachelor degree in Economy and commenced with Finance Ministry in Tehran and Ahvaz.

In 1950, he married with "Forouq Farokhzad" and had a son, "Kamyar" and divorced in 1955; then he lived with his son and his brother "Khosro".

His first "Scoffing" was published in "Khousheh" (Cluster) magazine. It's editor, Ahmad Shamlou, called his work as a "Word Caricature" and dedicated him his book "Fresh Air".

Parviz Shapour has printed his works in six volumes. 
He was also a designer and painter. His designs were published in "Safety-pin", "Amusement-written" and "Word-Caricature" books.



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