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Seyed Mohammad Ali Jamalzadeh
Born in Jan. 13, 1892, Isfahan, Iran
Deceased Nov. 7, 1997, Geneva

Work History
1902: He came to Tehran with his family.
1907: His father, Seyed Jamaleddin Vaez Isfahani, sent him to Lebanon, to go to university.
1908: His father was killed by the order of Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar. He sent his father's last letter to Calcutta, "Hablolmatin" magazine.
1909-1915: He left Beirut and went to Egypt, France and Switzerland. He graduated as a lawyer with bachelor degree in Dijon, France.
1915: He entered to Germany and commenced with "Iranian National Committee" in Berlin. He had a trip to Ottoman as the Committee's representative.
His first essay was printed in "Khavar" (East) magazine in Istanbul, volume 16.
1916: His essay was printed in independent "Iranian National Committee" magazine. He has commenced with "Kaveh" magazine in Berlin.
1917: He attended in "Socialist Congress" in Stockholm, as the representative of "Iranian National Committee".
1918-1930: Commence with "Embassy of Iran" in Berlin as the translator
Manager of "War Ministry Students" of Iran, in Germany
1924: Commence with "Nameh Farangestan" (Europe's Letter), Berlin
1927: Commence with "Art & Science" magazine as the manager and editor, Berlin
1931: Commence with "Labor International Office", Geneva
1956: Retired from" Labor International Office"
1957: "Iranian Cultural Dependent in European Center of UN", Geneva

1916: "Shaygan's Treasure", Berlin
1921: "Iran and Russia Relations", "Once Upon a Time" and "Kaveh" magazine, Berlin
Translation of "Le Café du Surat", Bernardin de Saint-Pierre
1938: "Prosperity Garden" or "Sadi's Councils"
1941: "Lunatic Asylum" and "Story of Stories"
1942: "Amo Hosseinali's Biography"
1946: "Qoltashan Collection"
1947: "Gathering Desert", "Rah-Ab Nameh" and "A Man with Thousand Professions"
1954: "Masoumeh Shirazi" play
1955: "Bitter and Sweet"; translation of "The Story of Mankind", Hendrik Wilhelm van Loon
1956: "Sar va Tah Yeh Karbas"; translation of "Wilhelm Tell" and "Don Carlos", Friedrich Schiller
1957: Translation of "Selected Stories" and "L'Avare", Molliere
1958: "Masterpiece" and "Pipe's Voice"
1959: "Old and New"; translation of "Democracy and Human Prestige"
1960: "Jamali's Kashkoul"
1961: Translation of "En Folkerfiende", Henrik Ibsen, "There was no one unless God", "Seven Countries" and "Soil and Human"
1962: "Vulgar Encyclopedia" and "Earth, Landlord and Peasant"
1963: "Mysteries' Small Box"
1964: "Cock-and-Bull" Story"
1966: "Method of Writing and Story Writing", Shiraz and "Humor of Us, Iranian"
1973: Translation of "Qanbar Ali, A Generous of Shiraz", and "Turkmen War", Conte de Gobineau
"Short Stories for Bearded Children" and "Isfahan" and "Nightingale"
1978: "Our Story is Finished"
1984: "Familiar Democracy", USA
1988: "Acquaintance with Hafiz Thesis", Geneva



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