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Yadollah Amini (Maftoun)


Yadollah Amini (Maftoun, 1926)

Yadollah (Maftoun) Amini is a poet, who has turned from traditional poetry into modern poetry and has experimented every new style, and he is now composing blank verse.

Amini completed his secondary education in Tabriz and he received BS degree in law from Tehran University; he is retired from Ministry of Justice.

From 1938 onward, Amini started to compose odes and since 1943, he has published his works. 

The Lake, The Hurricane, Pomegranate Grove, Wave or Whale, The Hidden Chapter, Reading Blank Verse of the Day, A Vine Orchard of Possibilities

The Wild Horse
Straight like the giant freed from the bottle,
The wild horse stood on his long and red legs,
Washed his mane on the white stream of wind,
The impudent dapple rolled his eyes
Like the eclipse of the full moon in the mirror of a stream of a fence;
With his two iron hoofs
With all the strength of his boiling blood
He beat several repeated strokes on the crystal and wood,
The sleep of the old addicted eunuchs,
Was disturbed,
The terror of the bells rang in the corridor,
The wild ass neighed
Like the clamor of the thunder in old stone baths.

The night watchmen said to himself:
"Two things are likely to happen:
Today or tomorrow,
Either the bitter and cursed blood of this unmanageable Horse will be devoured by puppies,
Or after a while (an unknown tomorrow)
The stone horse
Will become the last statue of the city's big square."

The morning wayfarer said:
"Weather this or that 
The neigh of the horse which has shaken the frame of the fort,
Will remain in the street's tape recorder!"


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